Birthday week

So, this week was full of gluttony.  Yep, I ate too much–and spent too much.  However, I have an excuse. It was “Birthday Week” as we call it.  Brian and I are one year and three days apart, thus, our birthdays land in the same week each year.  I threw Brian a surprise party on his birthday, and yep, he was surprised.  I did a really great job of keeping a secret (something I do not do well) and a bunch of people were there.  I actually was able to throw the whole party for a little over $100 (burgers, buns, water, wine, beer, snacks, and condiments). I did delegate some of the food prep (my mom made a bunch of delicious stuff, she is the best), but I was quite thrifty.  I bought hamburgers and Boca burgers at Costco-they had the lowest prices for those. I stopped at Tacoma Boys in Puyallup for wine (good wine for only $3.99), lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and avocado.

So, I bet you’re thinking, “Where in the heck did you get buns??” I bought the buns where I buy the rest of my bread, at the Orowheat Bakery Outlet.   This store is the BEST.  I really love Orowheat Double Fiber bread and 100% Light Whole Wheat bread. The problem? These run around $4 a LOAF at the grocery store.  The cheapest I’ve ever seen either of these on sale is around $2.50 a loaf.  I can get these at what I refer to as “the bread store” for $1.50. Yes, $1.50.  Oh, and have you seen those Sandwich Thins at the store? You can get a package of those for $1. Yep, this place has made me believe that heaven does exist. AND they have punch cards so you spend so much (I think $20) you get a $2 credit. I ended up finding some “high end” hamburger buns there, so I picked some up for Brian’s party.  I usually buy two loaves of each and put one of the loaves in the freezer.  One trip to the bread store gets me about a month worth of bread.  It rocks!!!

So back to my confessions. We ate out more than we should have, I blew a bunch of money on Brian’s party, and then we spent a bunch of money up at the mountain.  There was a big party up there the night before my birthday, so we got a room and ate our meals there. Luckily, we get a 50% employee discount at the lodge, so we buy two meals for $10. Not bad.  I ate two meals at establishments on my birthday, which seemed really weird because I so rarely eat out.  Some people eat out twice every single day, and order things that “sound good” verses being healthy.  My splurges are things like garden burgers and chicken fajitas (with corn tortillas, way better for you than flour).

Tonight for dinner I prepared a “frittata” out of a bunch of veggies that were beginning to decompose in in my fridge. I also used those $0.74 eggs that I bought a couple weeks ago. It made enough for at least two nights of dinner!

It doesn’t even really need a recipe. Use whatever you have on hand. I used a small onion, a red pepper, 1 package of mushrooms, a bundle of broccoli, 4 TJ’s turkey meatballs (chopped), a couple cloves of garlic, LF cottage cheese, and a little bit of shredded cheese.  I used 10 eggs and two egg whites (it made a HUGE batch!) and mixed it all together.  I seasoned it with salt and pepper.  I poured it into two glass baking dishes coated with cooking spray and baked it for about 35 minutes at 375 degrees.  It turned out GREAT! I served it with some shredded hash brown potatoes (find them in the freezer section, check to be sure they haven’t been pre-cooked).  I prepared these with some chopped onion and cooking spray. These are so easy to make, they’re cheap, and they’re way better for you than what you’d get at a restaurant, YUM!

Brian liked it a lot!

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