Three weeks later…

Er… four?

Regardless, I’m going to make a greater effort to fit it into my schedule.  Along with wrapping up this wedding business (only 3 months to go!) I’m also wrapping up job #2 and have finally finished up ski season.  So, naturally, to fill said “spare time” I decided to sign up for a full marathon at the end of June.  This will be my 4th full marathon (I’ve completed five half marathons as well).  I would love to complete an Ironman triathalon sometime in my life, but I need to learn to swim properly and buy a bike before I can do that.   So anyway, running and skiing it is.  And FYI, I don’t run for time, I run for fun/exercise.  And by “fun” I mean stress releif.  See, I’m having fun at mile 17 in my first ever full marathon:

I started running my senior year of high school, one mile a day, on the treadmill.  I realized the therapeutic effects and did this every day for 8 months, until I left for college.  When I got to school, I had access to the coolest, nicest, most awesome gym ever: the Rec Center.  No wonder it was so awesome, there was a mandatory fee tacked onto my tuition for about $250 a semester.  Yikes! Regardless, I continued to run on the treadmill until one day I ran 10 miles on it.  I decided that if I could do that, I should be able to run a half marathon.  I was a sophomore in college, and that cold, rainy day in November helped me realize how much fun races/running can be.  It motivated me to keep running and I decided to run a full marathon the following  year (Seattle Marathon, it is still my favorite race).   Setting the goal to run a marathon gave me something to work toward that was not academic or career oriented in nature (I tend to get wrapped up in those big time). I spent time on the treadmill, planned my runs, figured out what/when/where I needed to eat to achieve these goals, etc.  My first marathon was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I hope I can continue to run these “races” forever.

My favorite part: drinking a dixie cup of water and then throwing the empty container on the side of the road.  Try running a race sometime and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I am excited because spring is here and the produce is becoming pleantiful! Artichokes were on sale this week at Fred Meyer 4/$5.  I have consumed one every night for dinner (yep, an entire artichoke) all week with either fish (that tilapia that was left from about a month ago) or a bunless Boca burger (left from Brian’s birthday party).  I’ve also imbibed in delicious, plump, large strawberries-a giant, 4# container for $4.99 at Costco.  Also look for asparagus and cherries will be making their debut at any time now.  It also looks like the citrus fruits are trying to sell themselves since they’re pretty much out the door.  I’ve scored some steals on grapefruit and oranges in the past few weeks.

I also have made a note of something peculiar.  I live in Issaquah, a suburb about a half an hour eat of Seattle.  I work 45 minutes away in Puyallup, which is near Tacoma where I have been making note of price differences at major grocery stores, such as my beloved Fred Meyer.  Why is it that yogurt at FM in Puyallup is $0.40, but in Issaquah it is $0.57? I’ve also noticed a difference in prices of other things that aren’t necessarily on sale.  Sale items are marked down to the same price at both locations, but the “everyday low price” items have a different “everyday low price.” I know, cost of living, blah blah blah.  It just seems odd.  And unfair and annoying.  Just had to vent.

Unfortunately I haven’t made many exciting dishes in the recent days/weeks.  I might have to blog more than once this week so I can get something exciting on here!


One thought on “Three weeks later…

  1. Higher cost of labor, real estate, and property tax. Welcome to the East Side! Don’t complain, our schools have a lot more money here.

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