So much to report!

I promise I didn’t disappear, in fact, I’ve been extremely busy–too busy to blog!

In July, I got married!

Planning this event essentially ate up all of my time between May and July.  After that, we spent two weeks in Mexico.  It was really awesome, but still, I had no desire to blog.  We were too busy having fun!

I made Brian hike in 100+ degree weather (it was also humid).

We went on a zip line tour…

And became quite the beach bar connoisseurs!

Even the nuns were having fun!

One of the things we talked about most was the amazing food that was ridiculously cheap.  I kid you not, we got this entire meal for $17!

I had so much fun, I’m going back in December.

At the end of August, we put in an offer on a house in our neighborhood in Issaquah.  They accepted, and throughout the month of September we went through the closing process and moved in on October 1st!  I’ll post pics as we continue to decorate, but right now things are still a little bare.

Also at the end of September, we added to our family, meet Gertie!

While she participated in this 2.5 mile walk for lupus, she typically spends most of her time sleeping.

She is a French Bulldog and a rescue dog who was only about 50% potty trained.  She still has accidents from time to time, but we are completely smitten with this animal.  She is the sweetest dog and really does have the best personality.  Of course, the first thing I explored was what to feed her that would be the best and most cost effective.  The latest food mixture has been ground turkey, egg, pumpkin, spinach and flax.  I also give her benedryl, probiotic, and a fish oil supplement.  Here’s one mixture that had rice which I have since eliminated:

Last but not least, I was offered a new position!  Through all of the madness I had three interviews, one of which was four (yes FOUR) hours long.  I made it through the gauntlet, and now will be working at a hospital only about 15-30 minutes away (verses the 45-60 minutes I had before).  I cleaned out my old office and said my goodbyes, so hopefully now I will have some time to prepare and get myself ready for the new gig.

I’m back and going to keep going with the blog, seriously.


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