Attempted Productivity

Do you ever have days that you have set aside to complete specific tasks, but for reasons outside of your control, you were unable to do so?  Today was definitely one of those for me.  I started off with some cleaning and laundry for which I was semi-successful, I made coffee and food for Gertie.  Unfortunately this batch (3 eggs, 2 T cottage cheese and 2 T plain yogurt) made her quite gassy.  Oops…  Regardless, she still managed to sleep most of the day away.

Before I headed out to the gym, I spread a bit of this…

On to one of these:

I love these tortillas because they are 120 calories, have 4 grams of fiber per serving, and a pack of 10 is only $1.99.  Yay!!

The almond butter was inspired from a recipe found here. I modified it a little bit, but it is awesome! I only had sugar free maple syrup and no molasses or oil, and I added a bit of pumpkin pie spice.  I love the spice and the price (ha! I rhyme!) because the almonds just happened to be on sale at Fred Meyer for $2.99/lb.

The recipe I used was:

2 c almonds

2 T sugar free maple syrup drizzled over the top

Roasted at 375 F ~10 minutes (they started to smell like they were burning so I just took them out).  Let the almonds sit until almost cooled.  Then, put them into the food processor and let them process until they form a butter like consistency (mine took about 5 minutes) then add:

1 T SF maple syrup

1 T cinnamon

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ginger

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (I just had to have the cloves!)

I roasted too many of the almonds with the maple syrup, so we have been enjoying those in non-buttered form as well.  (Um, yes, the measuring cup was almost full on Saturday when I originally roasted them… don’t judge).

By the way, I love roasting my own almonds.  I like them a little darker, and Costco has the cheapest almonds ($10 for 3 lbs), but they are raw.  I will buy them raw and roast them myself for about 15 minutes at 375 F.

Ok, so after I got back from the gym, I headed out to run some errands, only one of which was fully completed.  I wanted to get a spray tan, but the machine wasn’t working properly so I think only part of me was tanned (awkward, I know). I was successful in getting a new passport picture so that I can have my name changed for my passport, but when I went to go submit my passport, I was instructed to send it in the mail (so I can do that, but I wanted to just do it all at the office).  Finally, I wanted to have my snow tires put on (ski season is JUST around the corner!) but apparently everyone else in Bellevue had the same idea, so the wait was really long.  I’ll do it all tomorrow I guess…

I hit the grocery store on the way home and picked up some chicken, rice,  ground beef and pumpkin (for Gertie food), as well as some other items to use for meals this week.  Since I’ve got the time off, I would like to use it to enhance my domesticity.  I made my own version of teriyaki sauce to marinate the chicken, as well as a mix of veggies that were ready to expire in my fridge.

The “teriyaki sauce” was made from soy sauce, ground ginger, sucralose, minced garlic and grated onion.  Never grated onion before? Try it, it’s a great way to give a dish the onion flavor without getting the onion chunks.  Just use a regular old cheese grater, it’s even easier than chopping! I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it came from my grandmother who would grate onion for potato salad.

Who else is excited for citrus season?  I know I’m not alone because my husband has already consumed two boxes of satsuma oranges.  For dessert, I ate pineapple, and probably will have a grapefruit (already on sale!) later.  Yum!

Hopefully tomorrow I have more success in the “Actual” productivity department!


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