a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I have been too busy with other activities this weekend to do any actual cooking.   Hanging out with friends and dating my husband and taking pictures of stuff besides food and getting pretty and running errands have taken the front seat. Oh, and I’ve been getting ready to start my new job.

Something else that I’m involved in that isn’t job related is volunteering for two organizations: Kiwanis Camp Casey and The Crew.  Camp Casey is a week-long camp for children ages 6-17 with physical disabilities.  The Crew is a social group (founded by my husband) for teens and young adults with physical disabilities to hang out and plan parties and stuff. We get together once a month and right now the group is planning a party.  Yesterday we had a Crew meeting. I took some good shots, so I thought I would share.

After Crew, we went wine tasting in Seattle, specifically at a place called the Fremont Wine Warehouse.  We tasted 7-8 different wines and guess what? It was FREE!  They have tastings every Friday and Saturday night.

We bought a bottle of red and picked a Thai restaurant nearby.  We had to pay to have them open the bottle, but overall it was less than if we had each ordered a glass or two.  The food was also delish, but I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture.  Oops.

When we got home we were zonked.  But this morning, Brian asked me a beautiful question, one I’ve never heard before:

“Can you teach me how to make waffles?”

Um, yes!

I used this recipe, scaled to make two waffles, and told him step by step what to do (I didn’t have him separate the egg and whip the whites to soft peaks though, the egg went in all together). Here is what the ready to eat product looked like just before he dove into them (he was anxious and a little annoyed that I stole his masterpiece to take pictures).

…And then Gertie peed on the couch. So I don’t have any cute pictures of her today.  But I do have a couple randoms that are kinda fun:

I’m off to bed. Wish me luck on my first day, I’m sure I’ll have lots to report tomorrow!


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