Party Time!

Ski season is upon us, thus, my life will be consumed with working and skiing from this point forward.  We’ve spent the last two days “clinic-ing” which is basically a refresher course for teaching ski lessons.  It’s a great way to get our minds back into our skiing and correct our rusty mistakes.  Yesterday, it snowed several inches while we were at the mountain.  We practically had to dig my car out of the snow!

Last Saturday was Brian’s company Christmas party.  We had his co-workers over to our place before the shindig, and it was kinda stressful.  Our new house still isn’t totally decorated, and I felt like I needed to do something so people wouldn’t think we were lazy (I know, stupid thought).  So I spent countless hours at TJ Maxx and Trader Joe’s collecting goods and goodies for our party.  I think my spread turned out nice.

Grapes, Cinnamon Almonds (from Trader Joe’s), Cheese plate (Blue cheese and Brie from Trader Joe’s.  Comes in a pack of 2 for $6.99!!!), Wheat Thins, homemade whole wheat pita chips (tossed with truffle oil and baked until crisp), Hummus and smoked salmon (courtesy of our dear friends Debi and Phil who catch and smoke the fish. Brian and I fight over the stuff when we have it.)   We also had wine, and some fellow Cougs brought some Busch Light (also known as Pullman Water) to share.

I had to document since it had really been a long time since I had Busch Light.  Actually, it’s only been about 6 months but I sometimes like to sound sophisticated and like I’ve actually grown past it (I haven’t necessarily).  Regardless, it brings back lots of fond college memories.

Another fond memory is of these cookies, which I baked specially for the party.

They are Chocolate White Chocolate cookies that I used to bake for my grandma about once a month.  She would bite into them and say, “These are good cookies.   Marshmallow.” She was very matter of fact about stating “Marshmallow.”  I corrected her every time, saying “Actually it’s white chocolate.” and even as soon as 10 minutes later, she would eat another, and repeat again, “These are good cookies. Marshmallow.” It never failed.   There was a period of time that my grandma would hide her goodies from the nurses at her assisted living facility, and occasionally I would find the bags of these cookies hidden under the couch cushion.  She would keep them there so that she could get to them but the nurses wouldn’t know.

My grandma passed away three years ago, and I had this recipe memorized before she died.  I haven’t made them for at least that long, and couldn’t remember the recipe.  I searched and searched, and finally my mom reminded me that it was originally on the back of a bag of Baker’s white chocolate chips. I eventually tracked down the recipe, but it was kinda hard to find.  The trick to these cookies is sticking the dough in the refrigerator or freezer before baking so that they retain their shape.  Nonetheless, this is THE BEST chocolate cookie recipe, and I will never use any other.

We went to the party and danced the night away, but of course I failed to document any of the awesomeness after we left our house.  I have work to do in the photographic documentation department.  I can tell you that it was very nice and that my husband works with a lot of really fun people.  Everyone (including their boss) danced until they kicked us off the dance floor.  The dancing was goofy and fun and really exhausting.

We were so tired from all the dancing that we couldn’t fathom doing anything but sitting on the couch all day Sunday.  We eventually shook some of that off and went Xmas shopping and found some good stuff for our families. We also determined that it was a favorable plan to go out to eat, and decided on Mongolian BBQ.  This is our favorite place for many reasons, but mainly because we both get EXACTLY what we want.

I load mine with veggies and Brian loads his with noodles.  We both make it oniony and spicy and it is delicious.  I would eat some semblance of this meal every day if I didn’t hate cutting vegetables so much.  I guess I could chop them all up at one time and keep them chopped in the fridge… Hm… I give myself too many good ideas.  Maybe next time?

Time for bed, I have a short work week and then am headed to Mexico for a week before Christmas.  Yay!!!


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