Merry Christmas to ME!!!

So, I’ll start by saying my blog is officially going to the next level.  No, I haven’t purchased my own domain name, but I did receive an expensive camera for Christmas from my wonderful husband!  That means I get to take lots of real pictures, no more iPhone pictures!!!!

I’m also on vacation (!). Yes, I started a new job about a month ago and am already taking a vacation. I made arrangements before I even applied for the job.  I have to say, going on vacation when starting a new job is both a blessing and a curse. It’s awesome because the first weeks can be really exhausting, but a curse because I’m just getting into things and am quite busy.  Oh well, I’m happy to be here!

Where am I? Mazatlan! Brian and I came here for our honeymoon earlier this year and had a blast.  I decided to come back with my mom and sister and we’re staying at my parents’ timeshare.  We’re staying in a different part of the city than my husband and I stayed, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

As part of our travel, we had a short layover at LAX. If you fly Alaska Airlines regularly, you know that the food choices are pretty limited in that terminal.  There’s Burger King and Starbucks and See’s Candies and a bookstore.  My mom and sister had sandwiches from BK and I had a grape/carrot/cheese plate from Starbucks.

I actually kinda like the area because there is a lot of seating and a fountain soda dispenser.  You can literally re-fill your drink for the two hours you are stranded, which is usually what I do.  So, since I didn’t buy my own drink, I re-filled my sister’s drink and we shared.  Sharing is a nice thing to do with your sister sometimes.

(That’s how she feels about sharing stuff with me, I think.)

Unfortunately we didn’t eat again until dinner, and we were famished, like to the point that I ate my whole meal before I had a chance to take a picture.  Luckily, my sister couldn’t stop talking and hadn’t consumed her whole meal yet.  She had octopus!

After dinner we went back to the room and straight to bed. I’ve already slept enough to compensate for the lack of sleep over the past few weeks and managed to eat my weight in seafood!

Tonight we went to a restaurant on the beach just down the street from where we are staying.  I brought my camera to dinner and took pictures of what we were eating. The waiters asked me to take lots of pictures of them making bananas foster.  I did, but really tried hard to explain to them that I just have a fancy camera, I’m not a professional. Those pictures didn’t turn out as well, but the food pictures looked pretty delicious…

Chips and salsa…

Yummy fresh baked rolls. They were kinda sweet. I’m not sure what was in them but they were so delicious!!


Beans and guacamole and tortillas! It was all sooo yummy!

The Bananas Foster pics (definitely not professional)

Time for bed! More fun/yummy/non-professional pics throughout the week!


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to ME!!!

    • Believe it or not, Lexie has been a huge help in using the camera/understanding what it does! I’ve been having a blast with it! Yesterday we went to town and I really wanted to take pictures but didn’t want to bring my good camera. Mom brought her point and shoot but it didn’t have a battery in it, I was really sad!

  1. Now I’m starving looking at that food. I love how Mazatlan is filled with awesome (and usually cheap) seafood. Think about how much a fish filet with a full tray of ceviche(sp?) would cost here.

    The pictures look great.

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