A Day in the Life of Gertie

I wrote this post back in February, but thought I would post since I took the time to write it… I would like to be back in blogging action soon!

My life is busy.  Now that ski season/lessons are just about over, I can start thinking about the other parts of my life that I enjoy, you know, like sleeping.

I’m super jealous of Gertie, who seems to get to sleep all the time…

(In a pile of Brian’s dirty clothes)

(On a computer with a “Cone of Shame”)

(Her eyes are open but she’s probably actually sleeping)

(Not sleeping, but rediculously adorable)

Gertie’s day revolves around eating and going pee, one of which she does only at the time and location we determine.  (She didn’t get the nickname “Gert and Squirt” for no reason!).

I’m planning to do a more thorough update post, but since I  prepped this one several months ago, I thought I’d post 🙂


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